Welcome to the Snell Acoustics unofficial archives and community. Please note that this is an "Early Launch." For right now, only three links are functional. These are "ARCHIVES", "INFO WANTED" and "FORUMS."

UPDATE: Changelog: I have now updated The Archives with some better photos where avalible. And also added lots of missing pictures, now we are only missing the C III, K.5 and J I/V. I have the K.5, will post it ASAP.

I have also added manuals for the A, A III and the K.5. Please keep`em coming!!

A BIG THANK YOU to all you sending pictures and manuals!!!!

I have also decided to add the XA series with the XA55, XA60, XA75, XA90 and XA Reference. I belive i have all info and pictures avalible. But only the manual for the XA90.


Obtaining information, especially for the earlier Snell units, is never quick and easy. That's one of the reasons we're here. By gathering all available information in one place, we hope to make your search for answers quicker and easier. However...


In the Archives you'll notice that we are missing some pictures. We are also missing photos of the following speakers:

Type C III
Type J/IV

If you have images of these, or any other pictures or information that you feel may be helpful, you can help us fill-in the blanks by emailing images to: snell@snell.no.


And please take a few minutes to join the forums. We are trying to keep the registration process very simple. There's no need for decyphering any 10 digit obscured images, no email-validation. Just fill in your user-name, password and email and you'll be able to log right in.